Register for the January SAT

If you are planning to take the SAT in January, Saturday, December 28, 2012 is the last day you can register without paying late fees. This is also the last test for which a photo ID is not absolutely mandatory.

For students taking the SAT in the United States and Canada, The Right Path also highly recommends ordering the Question Answer Service. The QAS is only available three times per year and can be ordered from the registration site or up to five months after taking the test.

For more information about the QAS, click here.

Register for the SAT here.


What Do I Need to Know About Registering for the SAT?

When you are ready to register for the SAT, knowing a few things ahead of time will make the registration process go more smoothly and help expedite the process.

Many students assume they can register for the SAT in a matter of just a few minutes, but the College Board clearly states that this process does takes approximately 20 minutes. This is because the website is gathering information that should help direct you in your college search and should help the College Board develop high quality SAT testing procedures and SAT test questions.

In addition to the regular questions most students expect to find on a registration form, the SAT asks several questions about your high school courses, extra curricular activities, and interests. Having a copy of your high school transcript and/or high school plan with you at registration may help you answer questions about classes you’ve taken and forgotten about, the number of credits you have in a certain subject, and the scores you have received. You should also have a list of any activities, clubs, and sports you have joined along with positions held.

Click here to register for the SAT.

Knowing where you are coming from is one aspect of SAT registration. Knowing where you are going is another aspect. Having an idea of the size, location, and type of college or university you would like to attend is helpful since the College Board will ask you questions about this at registration. It will also ask you to choose up to five possible majors as well as activities you may be interested in pursuing at college.

Don’t worry if you are uncertain of the answers right now. The College Board leaves room for those who don’t know exactly what they want, and there are more who don’t know than do at this point, to choose Undecided as an option.

Registering for the SAT is an easy task and you should not feel that the responses you give are written will label you forever, but you should take a few minutes to prepare yourself and begin thinking seriously about your options.


The Presidential Election and Liberal Bias on Campus

With the presidential election underway, is there a true liberal bias on campus? Tonight, the next president of the United States of America will be chosen. Whether it is Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, this president will choose the future and direction of our country and possibly the entire world. With such emphasis on the college vote in recent elections, the question is where do students get their information concerning political issues.

College students can lead the way for innovation and reform in many instances. It is a natural and positive desire that allows students to break free from parental control, rules, and ideas and prove their own independence, but are those students trading in parental ideals for the ideals of their biased liberal professors?

In a recent article, “Admitting to Bias,” Scott Jaschik discusses the openly admitted to discrimination of conservatives by liberal college professors. Statistics and responses of the participants repeatedly showed this bias amazing even the study’s liberal authors.

What can you do to eliminate bias on your campus? First, think for yourself. Realize that your professors may be spinning issues to fit their point of view. Research the issues and the candidates for yourself. Verify and think about things from all sides, socially, fiscally, militarily. Second, research from an unbiased source or at the very least from sources on various sides of the issues. Third, stand up for those with views different from your own, whether they are Liberal, Conservative, or somewhere in between. One of the things that makes this country great is our ability to freely express ourselves. Finally, if you are a parent paying for your child’s education, take notice. Ask questions of your children, other students, professors. Start before you pick out extra long sheets and which laptop will lead your child on his path. Ask during campus visits and always keep the lines of communication open with these young adults.

It can be challenging to be different on college campuses, especially for Conservatives. Whatever you decide, be certain the ideas you are choosing are your own.

For the complete abstract go to the Social Science Research Network.

Know Your Test Prep Sources

With the election only days away and all the talk of fact checking candidate statements, this is a good time to bring up the need to verify information found in college test prep material resources.

As the lead instructor and president of The Right Path, I have read thousands of test questions and countless test prep manuals from many different companies. I have used this information and knowledge gained from discussion with my students and other sources to uncover and utilize the best test prep practices from many sources, but most people cannot do this, so the question is how do you judge quality material versus some of the real junk that is out there if full time test prep is not your idea of fun?

Deciphering good versus bad test prep material can be tricky and requires a lot of work, but the time spent finding quality material is worth it. I have read books, with wrong answers, incorrect or misguided explanations, and very poor advice, advice that is not just bad in my opinion but that goes contrary to every other test prep manual I have ever read. Even the big names can make elementary mistakes. When advice presented is completely opposite of what most other sources say, red flags should be raised.

The best way to verify your sources is to talk to experts. Asking guidance counselors, teachers, college admissions officials, and other students their opinions on books, classes, online resources, and test prep materials is the best way to discover good material. Nothing beats a good recommendation from someone you know and trust to get you started.

After getting a few opinions, your work has just begun. When comparing books for self-preparation take the time to read a few reviews online and then pull the books off the shelf to compare. Compare layout, accuracy of diagrams, and recommended test procedures. Again, each test company will have slightly different approaches, but any that is too far off may be giving bad advice.

When choosing test prep materials, be sure to do your homework ahead of time. Nothing is more disappointing than studying for a test and finding out too late that you learned the wrong approaches, incorrect academic material, or misguided timing procedures, and you certainly do not want this to happen on a test as important as your college entrance exams!

October ACT Registration – Final Day of Late Registration

If you plan to take the October ACT but have not yet registered, this is your last chance. Late registration ends today. Do not forget there is an additional fee for late registration and that the ACT now requires a photo to be submitted upon registration for security purposes.

The next ACT will be held December 8, 2012. ACT Registration for that test ends November 2nd and late registration ends November 16th.

Register here for the October ACT.

Registration Deadline for the November 3, 2012 SAT

If you are planning to take the November 3rd SAT, the registration is today. Go to the College Board website and register now. Seniors, this may be your last chance to get those scores in to your colleges. Do not delay any longer!

College Board Registration for November 3, 2012: Register Here.

Late registration for the November 3, 2012 is open until October 19, 2012. Additional fees are required and the school of your choice is never guaranteed.

International Student SAT Registration – November SAT

International students planning to attend an American university and needing the November SAT must register with their representative today, not later than 11:59 pm Eastern Time, September 25, 2012. Those planning to self-register can wait until the October 4th registration deadline.

The Right Path works via face-to-face online connections with foreign students as well as distant American students. The Right Path has written its own test prep manuals using the best practices from many sources and questions taken from the actual tests along with an individualized approach to maximize test results. Contact The Right Path for more information about online tutoring for distant students or to host a class within the United States.

For more information on SAT registration dates, go to the College Board website.

International students may also find this College Board site helpful.