Today’s Word

Test Prep Vocabulary – bombastic

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  bombastic pretentious, inflated, pompous, grandiose, too elaborate for what is necessary Sample Sentence: Standing before the voters, the politician bombastically proclaimed his beliefs. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – capricious

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  capricious unpredictable, impulsive Word Building: (Italian) capriccio – sudden start or motion Sample Sentence: The toddler’s capricious behavior in the candy store was driving his babysitter insane. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – edict

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  edict a proclamation usually issued by royalty or authority figure Word Building: (Latin) e- – out + dicere – to say Sample Sentence: The king issued a royal edict. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – analgesic

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  analgesic something that reduces or eliminates pain Word Building: (Greek) an- – not algein – to feel pain -ic – suffix forming an adjective Sample Sentence: The woman hoped the analgesic would provide her with relief. photo credit

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