Test Prep Vocabulary – Root Words – “novus”

Welcome in the New Year and all the novel experiences you will encounter!

Today’s Root:  novus

Word Building:

novice – someone new to doing something

novel – new, unseen and unheard of before

Sample Sentence:

The successful woman attributed her success to learning from the wisdom her mentor, Mr. Brown, displayed when she was just a novice.


Test Prep Vocabulary – Root Words – crēscere

a crescent moon

The crescent moon has a long way to grow before becoming a full moon.

Today’s Root:  crescere

to grow

Word Building:




Sample Sentence:

The national debt is increasing at an alarming rate and should be a concern for all citizens. Read here to view the National Debt Clock and read some FAQ’s about our National Debt and read what Dave Manuel’s site to discover more about the national debt and interpret how it may affect you upon your graduation.

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Test Prep Vocabulary – Root Words – “phobia”

A future SAT student? This child may be experiencing hypnophobia.

Today’s Root:  phobia

an exaggerated and/or unfounded fear

Word Building:




Sample Sentence:

I hope my students do not experience ergophobia; not doing work interferes with hopes of getting higher test scores.

To read more about phobia related words, check out Merriam-Webster’s Halloween post!

Happy Halloween!

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Test Prep Vocabulary – “somn”

A sleeping newborn

Despite the phrase, “Sleeping like a baby,” many new parents are faced with incredible somnolence from being up round the clock.

Today’s Root:  somn

somnus – having to do with sleep (Latin)

Word Building:

somnolent – drowsy

insomnia – lack of sleep

Sample Sentence:

The test taker prepared like an insomniac by studying through the entire night, even though she knew that would hurt her score.

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