Root Words

Test Prep Vocabulary – Root Words – “bon”

Today’s Root:  bon good Word Building: bonanza – ore found in mining; a sudden windfall in wealth or luck bonbon – a piece of sweet candy; fruit or nut dipped in fondant or chocolate Sample Sentence: The excitement over the newly discovered SAT strategies created a bonanza in test scores.  

Test Prep Vocabulary – Root Words – “phobia”

Today’s Root:  phobia– an exaggerated and/or unfounded fear Word Building: Kakorrhaphiophobia arachnophobia hypnophobia Sample Sentence: I hope my students do not experience ergophobia; not doing work interferes with hopes of getting higher test scores. To read more about phobia related words, check out Merriam-Webster’s Halloween post! Happy Halloween! photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – “somn”

Today’s Root:  somn– somnus – having to do with sleep (Latin) Word Building: somnolent – drowsy insomnia – lack of sleep Sample Sentence: The test taker prepared like an insomniac by studying through the entire night, even though she knew that would hurt her score. photo credit

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