The Presidential Election and Liberal Bias on Campus

With the presidential election underway, is there a true liberal bias on campus? Tonight, the next president of the United States of America will be chosen. Whether it is Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, this president will choose the future and direction of our country and possibly the entire world. With such emphasis on the college vote in recent elections, the question is where do students get their information concerning political issues.

College students can lead the way for innovation and reform in many instances. It is a natural and positive desire that allows students to break free from parental control, rules, and ideas and prove their own independence, but are those students trading in parental ideals for the ideals of their biased liberal professors?

In a recent article, “Admitting to Bias,” Scott Jaschik discusses the openly admitted to discrimination of conservatives by liberal college professors. Statistics and responses of the participants repeatedly showed this bias amazing even the study’s liberal authors.

What can you do to eliminate bias on your campus? First, think for yourself. Realize that your professors may be spinning issues to fit their point of view. Research the issues and the candidates for yourself. Verify and think about things from all sides, socially, fiscally, militarily. Second, research from an unbiased source or at the very least from sources on various sides of the issues. Third, stand up for those with views different from your own, whether they are Liberal, Conservative, or somewhere in between. One of the things that makes this country great is our ability to freely express ourselves. Finally, if you are a parent paying for your child’s education, take notice. Ask questions of your children, other students, professors. Start before you pick out extra long sheets and which laptop will lead your child on his path. Ask during campus visits and always keep the lines of communication open with these young adults.

It can be challenging to be different on college campuses, especially for Conservatives. Whatever you decide, be certain the ideas you are choosing are your own.

For the complete abstract go to the Social Science Research Network.

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