What Do I Need to Know About Registering for the SAT?

When you are ready to register for the SAT, knowing a few things ahead of time will make the registration process go more smoothly and help expedite the process.

Many students assume they can register for the SAT in a matter of just a few minutes, but the College Board clearly states that this process does takes approximately 20 minutes. This is because the website is gathering information that should help direct you in your college search and should help the College Board develop high quality SAT testing procedures and SAT test questions.

In addition to the regular questions most students expect to find on a registration form, the SAT asks several questions about your high school courses, extra curricular activities, and interests. Having a copy of your high school transcript and/or high school plan with you at registration may help you answer questions about classes you’ve taken and forgotten about, the number of credits you have in a certain subject, and the scores you have received. You should also have a list of any activities, clubs, and sports you have joined along with positions held.

Click here to register for the SAT.

Knowing where you are coming from is one aspect of SAT registration. Knowing where you are going is another aspect. Having an idea of the size, location, and type of college or university you would like to attend is helpful since the College Board will ask you questions about this at registration. It will also ask you to choose up to five possible majors as well as activities you may be interested in pursuing at college.

Don’t worry if you are uncertain of the answers right now. The College Board leaves room for those who don’t know exactly what they want, and there are more who don’t know than do at this point, to choose Undecided as an option.

Registering for the SAT is an easy task and you should not feel that the responses you give are written will label you forever, but you should take a few minutes to prepare yourself and begin thinking seriously about your options.


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