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Math is for everyone! It's one of the few, practical subjects you'll learn in school that you will actually use almost every day for the rest of your life.

Yes, I said that right!

Math is for everyone - including you! 🙂

The Right Path offers lessons for middle and high school students. More grade levels and subjects are being added all the time!


Current Courses:


This course delivers high school level material, covering a range of topics including foundations of algebra, data & statistics, literal equations, functions, and solving and graphing linear, exponential, and quadratic equations, literal equations.

Pre-Algebra/8th Grade Math:

Coming Soon!


The Right Path offers students a different educational experience because its founder was once a kid who didn't like math, was unmotivated, and did pretty much anything she could to do as little as possible to get by!

But you know what?

Sometimes you have to do things you don't like - why not find ways to make them easier to understand and fun to do?

Yes, math can be fun!

We can't always be intrinsically motivated, but we can find motivation to build resilience, comprehension, and success.

Kerri is not just a teacher; she's also a certified ICF life coach and Dave Ramsey Master Financial Coach.

Her passion isn't necessarily math. It's helping students find motivation, build discipline, and move happily toward goals.

That's why learning with The Right Path works!


The Right Path is a complete online course with weekly face to face Zoom tutoring most online programs fail to offer.

Students can work from anywhere and still get real time feedback and personal interaction!

That means you can learn online in the privacy and comfort of your own home, on a lounge chair in your backyard, or on the road in exotic locations.


Each course consists of modules arranged in a logical sequential order.* Each module has lessons walking students through its topics. Each lesson hasa video explains the topic and walking students through sample problem. At the completion of the video and sample problems, students are directed to practice problems they can complete online. These practice problems give students instant feedback so they are not waiting for a classroom teacher to come to them. This helps so students are not left practicing their mistakes. Instead they find and fix their errors and quickly become more confident and successful!

In addition to modules students can access any time, live tutoring is offered each week. Check the module you are in for your time. If you want more than group tutoring, please contact The Right Path for individual sessions.

*Modules and lessons are developed in a logical sequential order; however The Right Path realizes some students use this program in conjunction with an in school curriculum. While The Right Path strongly encourages students to walk through modules in their given order, to accomodate various curriculum needs, students may access any lesson at any time.


Getting by isn't getting ahead. Let's give our kids the best start by giving them the best (and most engaging) foundation in mathematics.

Click here to go see the complete course list and register today!

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