Test Prep Vocabulary – capricious

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  capricious unpredictable, impulsive Word Building: (Italian) capriccio – sudden start or motion Sample Sentence: The toddler’s capricious behavior in the candy store was driving his babysitter insane. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – Root Words – mono

Today’s Root:  mono- one, only, single, sole Word Building: monotheistic – belief in the one God monotone – one tone of voice monopoly – one business Sample Sentence: There are many words using the prefix “mono.” Can you discover the meanings of monogamy, monoxide, or monopoly? What other mono– words can you figure out? photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – agrarian

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  agrarian agrarian – having to do with the land, especially having to do with farming, the countryside, or pastoral land Word Building: agr- land (Latin) from the Latin stem or ager Sample Sentence: Many people travel great distances to enjoy the agrarian festivities of the Dutchess County Fair. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary

  Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  tranquil tranquil – peaceful Word Building: qui, quil,quit – meaning to rest as in quiet, acquittal, or acquiesce Sample Sentence: The babysitter enjoyed the tranquility of the twins’ nap time. photo credit

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