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Welcome to The Right Path for test prep 101. I graduated with a Masters in Education/Curriculum Development and then went on to accrue over 40 additional college level and graduate level credits in education and have served as an Academic Administrator for Marist College. I began teaching SAT Prep about 15 years ago while I was home raising my children and discovered a passion for helping high school students make the transition to college through advanced test prep.

In addition teaching high school, I have coached high school basketball and know that test prep is a skill, just as shooting a basketball is a skill. Not everyone may not all be able to dunk like Michael Jordan, but when given proper coaching and putting in a some extra practice time anyone can develop the skills to score big.

Over the past 15 years I have learned many tricks and strategies necessary for success on college entrance exams and teach them as well as academic content to my students. Big test companies are locked into one method of approaching test prep, but that rarely works for all students or all instructors. I adapt curriculum to target the learning of each class and provide individual attention to students. No other test company or individual matches my experience, expertise, and enthusiasm.

Prior to launching this website, I held classes and tutored online. 100% of my students came through referrals from others who have taken my class, high school guidance counselors whom I assist, and Drucilla Blackman, former Dean of Admissions at Harvard and Columbia. Now, as my children are growing and I have more time to devote to travel, I provide test prep online and up and down the East Coast and for that, I need a website.

Thank you for joining me as I launch The Right Path’s test prep website and please stay tuned for frequent updates.



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