Test Prep Vocabulary – Root Words – “novus”

Welcome in the New Year and all the novel experiences you will encounter!

Today’s Root:  novus

Word Building:

novice – someone new to doing something

novel – new, unseen and unheard of before

Sample Sentence:

The successful woman attributed her success to learning from the wisdom her mentor, Mr. Brown, displayed when she was just a novice.


Sentence Completion Test Prep Vocabulary – “nostalgia”

Ellis Island

Although most immigrants have better lives in America, they cannot help but feel a bit of nostalgia for those they left behind (photo is of Ellis Island).

Sentence Completion Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  nostalgia

wistful longing to return to a gentler time or to one’s homeland

Word Building: (Greek)

nostos – homecoming + algos – pain, grief, distress

Sample Sentence:

Many far from home college students feel a bit nostalgic at one time or another.

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Test Prep Vocabulary – “foresight”

Dog wrapped up in a blanket with a thermometer in its mouth and ice pack on his head

Spot hopes everyone had the foresight to get immunized against this season’s flu.

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  foresight

the ability to see the future, forward looking, caring for the future, knowledge gained from insight

Word Building:

fore – possibly from the Olde English meaning before
sight – to see (German)


Sample Sentence:

The teacher had the foresight to warn the students about slwoing down on the math portion of the SAT.

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Test Prep Vocabulary – accolade

A knight, worthy of accolades, on his horse

The knight is worthy of accolades.

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  accolade

accolade – high praise as in honors bestowed upon a knight

Word Building:

ad – to (Latin)

collum – neck as in to hug, embrace, or congratulate with a hug around the neck (Latin)

-ade suffix forming nouns usually showing action (Latin)

Sample Sentence:

When searching for letters of recommendation, find someone who knows you well and is willing to sing your accolades.

Test Prep Vocabulary – Augment

View of a tree taken looking straight up the trunk

Augment – greater in size (“aug-” to increase)

Today’s Word:  augment

to make greater in size, extent, or quantity; to supplement

Word Building:

aug – meaning to increase

augmentare – to increase or build (Latin)

Sample Sentence:

The The Official Guide to the SAT contains excellent sample tests, but to do their best on the SAT, most students will need to augment their studies with more comprehensive study guides.