test prep vocabulary

Test Prep Vocabulary – agrarian

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  agrarian agrarian – having to do with the land, especially having to do with farming, the countryside, or pastoral land Word Building: agr- land (Latin) from the Latin stem or ager Sample Sentence: Many people travel great distances to enjoy the agrarian festivities of the Dutchess County Fair. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – tranquil

  Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  tranquil tranquil – peaceful Word Building: qui, quil,quit – meaning to rest as in quiet, acquittal, or acquiesce Sample Sentence: The babysitter enjoyed the tranquility of the twins’ nap time. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – respite

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  respite respite – to take a break from especially a break from something stressful Word Building: respit (French) respectus (Latin) Sample Sentence: Even the most studious individuals need a respite from test prep once in a while. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – languid

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  languid languid – lazy, listless, slow Word Building: lax – loose as in relax or lackadaisical (PIE) Sample Sentence: The runner fell into a languid state after completing the marathon; he felt he could not move another step. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – therapeutic

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  therapeutic therapeutic – to make feel better, medicinal, curative Word Building: -tic – primarily used to form adjectives from nouns (Greek) Sample Sentence: Physical activity provides a therapeutic outlet for many people. photo credit

Test Prep Vocabulary – eulogize

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  eulogize eulogize – to speak or write high praises Word Building: eulogy – to speak or write highly of a deceased individual eu – well (Greek) logia, logos, legein – speech, to speak highly of Sample Sentence: The valedictorian eulogized his favorite teacher at the senior dinner. photo credit 

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