Test Prep Vocabulary – agrarian

Pig races at agrarian fair

Pig races are a highlight of an agrarian fair (Shown here: county fair in Iowa).

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  agrarian

agrarian – having to do with the land, especially having to do with farming, the countryside, or pastoral land

Word Building:

agr- land (Latin) from the Latin stem or ager

Sample Sentence:

Many people travel great distances to enjoy the agrarian festivities of the Dutchess County Fair.

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Test Prep Vocabulary – eulogize

A statue on a pedestal

Although one may eulogize a special person, one should avoid placing another on too high of a pedestal.

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  eulogize

eulogize – to speak or write high praises

Word Building:

eulogy – to speak or write highly of a deceased individual

eu – well (Greek)

logia, logos, legein – speech, to speak highly of

Sample Sentence:

The valedictorian eulogized his favorite teacher at the senior dinner.

Test Prep Vocabulary – accolade

A knight, worthy of accolades, on his horse

The knight is worthy of accolades.

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  accolade

accolade – high praise as in honors bestowed upon a knight

Word Building:

ad – to (Latin)

collum – neck as in to hug, embrace, or congratulate with a hug around the neck (Latin)

-ade suffix forming nouns usually showing action (Latin)

Sample Sentence:

When searching for letters of recommendation, find someone who knows you well and is willing to sing your accolades.