Test Prep Vocabulary – Root Words – “novus”

Welcome in the New Year and all the novel experiences you will encounter!

Today’s Root:  novus

Word Building:

novice – someone new to doing something

novel – new, unseen and unheard of before

Sample Sentence:

The successful woman attributed her success to learning from the wisdom her mentor, Mr. Brown, displayed when she was just a novice.


Sentence Completion Test Prep Vocabulary – “nostalgia”

Ellis Island

Although most immigrants have better lives in America, they cannot help but feel a bit of nostalgia for those they left behind (photo is of Ellis Island).

Sentence Completion Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  nostalgia

wistful longing to return to a gentler time or to one’s homeland

Word Building: (Greek)

nostos – homecoming + algos – pain, grief, distress

Sample Sentence:

Many far from home college students feel a bit nostalgic at one time or another.

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Test Prep Vocabulary – “foresight”

Dog wrapped up in a blanket with a thermometer in its mouth and ice pack on his head

Spot hopes everyone had the foresight to get immunized against this season’s flu.

Today’s Test Prep Vocabulary:  foresight

the ability to see the future, forward looking, caring for the future, knowledge gained from insight

Word Building:

fore – possibly from the Olde English meaning before
sight – to see (German)


Sample Sentence:

The teacher had the foresight to warn the students about slwoing down on the math portion of the SAT.

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