It’s Time to Register for the PSAT!

The PSAT is only offered in October each year, and October is coming up fast so it is important to not procrastinate – register now for your PSAT! Interested students should go to their local high school guidance counselors or school officials and discuss how best to register for the PSAT in their area. Most high schools will host this test, but it is important to register early to ensure a seat. Also, some schools, especially smaller, private schools, will not host a PSAT so students at these schools should be especially proactive in registering for the exam. A photo ID and $14 payment must be accompanied by PSAT registration.

Unlike the SAT, the PSAT has no online registration at this point. Also unlike the SAT, the PSAT is only offered one month each year so missing important deadlines can be quite detrimental to your testing and to your wallet! Although you may be able to register for a test later than the first deadline, additional fees usually apply. Also consider that delaying registration may mean you are not be able to get the testing site you desire. An alternate testing site can mean costly travel and parking fees in some areas. Taking the test in a location with which you are unfamiliar may also mean that you have an increased anxiety level which may be detrimental to your score.

While college admissions officers do not generally look at PSAT scores when considering applicants, the PSAT’s are important as a practice SAT. There are significant differences between the PSAT’s and the SAT’s; however, the question style, and test format among other things make the PSAT an important aspect of PSAT test prep. It is also very important for those students hoping to qualify for the NMSQT – National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test. I will write more on the NMSQT in my future blog post:  The PSAT’s – How to Prep for Your NMSQT.

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Register for the ACT – September ACT

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Register for the September ACT today!

The September ACT is coming up faster than many students want to think about this summer, and if you are planning to register for the ACT, make sure you do so on time. Also, take time to read the new guidelines regarding ACT photo ID and do not get caught not being able to submit a photo at the last minute.

Test Date Regular Registration Late Registration    (Additional Fee)
September 8, 2012  August 17, 2012 August 24, 2012

If you plan to take the September ACT, be sure to click here to register for the ACT today.

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