Register for the January SAT

If you are planning to take the SAT in January, Saturday, December 28, 2012 is the last day you can register without paying late fees. This is also the last test for which a photo ID is not absolutely mandatory.

For students taking the SAT in the United States and Canada, The Right Path also highly recommends ordering the Question Answer Service. The QAS is only available three times per year and can be ordered from the registration site or up to five months after taking the test.

For more information about the QAS, click here.

Register for the SAT here.


The SAT Question Answer Service SAT – Score Verification Service

If you are planning to take the SAT in January, May, or October, you may find it helpful to order the specialized score verification service called the Question and Answer Service (QAS). The QAS is only available for the May test for those students taking the SAT outside of the United States and Canada. It is also not available to military personnel using DANTES.

The QAS is beneficial to students planning to take the SAT again because it includes the actual questions from the test you took. While these questions will not appear again on future SAT’s, knowing what questions you missed will help you analyze your results. You can look for timing issues, careless errors, misread questions and more when you see the actual questions in front of you.

If you are planning to use the results as part of your preparation for future SAT’s leave plenty of time to get the results of your Question and Answer Service before registering for the next test. It generally takes 6-8 weeks after the testing date for materials to be mailed when you request the service at registration. When you request the service at a later time, it will take at least 3-4 weeks from the date you ordered or 6-8 weeks after the test date, whichever is later. If you are planning to take the March SAT, getting January results in time to analyze them thoroughly may not be possible.

The Question Answer Service (QAS) can be ordered for $18.00 at the time of this posting either while registering or up to five months after taking the test.

For more information on the Question Answer Service, go to College Board QAS or contact The Right Path.


How Do I Send my SAT Scores to Colleges?

There are two ways to ask the College Board to send your SAT scores to colleges. SAT score reports can be sent during registration or anytime after from the College Board website.

While Registering:

While you are registering to take the SAT, you can elect to have your scores sent to up to four the colleges without additional fees. This is true each time you take the SAT, so if you take the SAT twice, you could elect to have your scores sent to up to eight schools. Sending scores to more than four schools will cost more money unless you qualify for a fee waiver in which case you may be eligible to send additional scores for free.

After Registering:

You can always return to your account in the My SAT section of the College Board website to have SAT scores sent to colleges you choose, but there are additional fees required to send any score reports after registration (again, fee-waiver students may be eligible to avoid additional fees).

Also, be aware that processing time required by the institutions requesting score reports varies so be sure to contact the schools and be certain your score reports will be received and processed before deadlines.



What Do I Need to Know About Registering for the SAT?

When you are ready to register for the SAT, knowing a few things ahead of time will make the registration process go more smoothly and help expedite the process.

Many students assume they can register for the SAT in a matter of just a few minutes, but the College Board clearly states that this process does takes approximately 20 minutes. This is because the website is gathering information that should help direct you in your college search and should help the College Board develop high quality SAT testing procedures and SAT test questions.

In addition to the regular questions most students expect to find on a registration form, the SAT asks several questions about your high school courses, extra curricular activities, and interests. Having a copy of your high school transcript and/or high school plan with you at registration may help you answer questions about classes you’ve taken and forgotten about, the number of credits you have in a certain subject, and the scores you have received. You should also have a list of any activities, clubs, and sports you have joined along with positions held.

Click here to register for the SAT.

Knowing where you are coming from is one aspect of SAT registration. Knowing where you are going is another aspect. Having an idea of the size, location, and type of college or university you would like to attend is helpful since the College Board will ask you questions about this at registration. It will also ask you to choose up to five possible majors as well as activities you may be interested in pursuing at college.

Don’t worry if you are uncertain of the answers right now. The College Board leaves room for those who don’t know exactly what they want, and there are more who don’t know than do at this point, to choose Undecided as an option.

Registering for the SAT is an easy task and you should not feel that the responses you give are written will label you forever, but you should take a few minutes to prepare yourself and begin thinking seriously about your options.


SAT Practice Questions – the SAT Question of the Day

Are you looking for extra SAT practice questions, but don’t have a lot of time to sit down and take an entire test? The SAT Question of the Day may be just what you’re looking for.

What is the Question of the Day?

The Question of the Day is a question that can be taken from any one of the three main SAT subject areas tested:  critical reading, writing, or math. The purpose of the question of the day is to provide quick, daily test review. Because of this, the question of the day tests only those questions that do not require extensive reading. Questions presented in the question of the day are the sentence completion questions from the critical reading section, the sentence improvement and error identification questions from the writing section, or any of the math questions.

How Can I Access the Question of the Day?

The Question of the Day can be reached through the College Board website or the link below free of charge. Once on the College Board website, students can choose to do the question or have the question delivered via email. Additionally, students who choose to sign in prior to answering the question can keep track of their scores and note how they are doing compared to other students who have also taken that question.

When Should I sign Up for the Question of the Day?

The question of the day is a very brief lesson meant to be used over a long period of time rather than to help a week before the test. Because of this, one should sign up for it as early as possible upon entering high school. In fact, if a middle school student is interested in taking the SAT for possible placement into gifted classes or for other reasons, the question of the day may be a good way to get a look at the test questions without the stress of long study periods.

In addition, the College Board often offers hints after incorrect answers and to those who need them. Reviewing these hints can help build strategies for those willing to study them.

College Board’s Question of the Day

International Student SAT Registration – November SAT

International students planning to attend an American university and needing the November SAT must register with their representative today, not later than 11:59 pm Eastern Time, September 25, 2012. Those planning to self-register can wait until the October 4th registration deadline.

The Right Path works via face-to-face online connections with foreign students as well as distant American students. The Right Path has written its own test prep manuals using the best practices from many sources and questions taken from the actual tests along with an individualized approach to maximize test results. Contact The Right Path for more information about online tutoring for distant students or to host a class within the United States.

For more information on SAT registration dates, go to the College Board website.

International students may also find this College Board site helpful.

Did You Know This About the College Board?

Question Mark

Did You Know?

Did You Know there is More to the College Board than just testing?

  • The College Board was founded over 100 years ago and is about a lot more than just the SAT.
  • The College Board serves over 7,000,000 students and parents each year.
  • Approximately 23,000 public and private high schools across the United States use the College Board in one facet or another.
  • More than 1/2 the public schools in the country use the PSAT/NMSQT.
  • The College Board does not just test high school juniors and seniors. Actually, the College Board serves students from middle school through college.
  • In recent years, minority use of the College Board services has risen approximately 78%.
  • The College Board is also responsible for AP exams and CLEP tests.

College Board Information:

College Board (2009). The Official SAT Study Guide. Plano, TX:  College Board Publications.
College Board (2012). Who We Serve. Retrieved from



SAT – Who We Serve – College Board 7-26-12

Mercer University, Georgia

Mercer University is one of many that uses SAt scores as part of its admissions process. More than 75% of Mercer students score above average on the SAT.

What is The College Board?

As a not-for-profit membership association representing more than 5,900 colleges, universities and schools, the College Board leads national and international efforts to improve access to and readiness for higher education.

via Who We Serve – College Board.

The College Board is not just about standardized testing and test prep. It is a nonprofit agency that has been assisting students in their college searches for over 100 years. Today it is best known for its college admissions test, the SAT, which is used by most four year schools in the college admission’s process.

Did You Know This About the College Board?

  • The College Board assist students from middle school through college graduation as well as the counselors who work with those students.
  • The College Board works with approximately 7 million students. Most of these students are located in the United States, but international students may also choose to take the SAT if they decided to attend an American university.
  • Approximately 23,000 high schools and 3,800 colleges use the College Board’s services.
  • More than 1/2 of the public high schools in the United States are in contact with the College Board regarding the PSAT/NMSQT alone.
  • Over 3,000,000 SAT exams were administered in 2010.
  • Minorities taking the SAT has gone up 78% in recent years.

For more information, check out the College Board’s website.

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