ACT Video Scholarship Contest

If you like making videos and want to win some money, the ACT Video Scholarship Contest may be just what you’re looking for!

The ACT is now accepting submissions for those interested in producing a video that encourages students to take the ACT and attend college.

There are five categories to choose from

  1. Test-Day Tips
  2. Photo IDs
  3. Cheating Is Wrong
  4. The ACT English Test
  5. ACT Test Myths

Submissions will be accepted October 29th through December 4th, so grab a friend or two or strike out on your own and produce that winning video. Then let The Right Path know about it so we can help promote your video and get others to vote for you too!

For more information and complete rules, check out Video Contest/ACT Student.

Raising Test Scores Means Leaving Your Comfort Zone

A baby learning to stand

Just as a baby takes time to learn to stand on his own, learning SAT and ACT specific strategies take time to learn before most students are comfortable with them. Apply those strategies, even when they are difficult, before charging headlong into the questions.

If you are looking to raise your SAT or ACT test scores, one of the best things you can do is go outside your comfort zone. Strategies that have worked for the past 12-13 years of regular school testing do not always work when they are applied to standardized tests. If you want to “beat the test,” you must step outside your comfort zone. Let’s take a look at two of the reasons this is true.

  1. The SAT and ACT are timed tests. The main characteristic separating standardized tests from regular classroom tests is the extreme time constraints placed on test takers. Most students taking the SAT and ACT would significantly improve their scores if they were given an unlimited time to work the problems; however, because the tests have those time constraints, trying to answer every question often lowers scores. To beat the test, most students should count on skipping certain problems to raise their scores, but this so completely goes against everything students have been taught for many years that they rebel against doing so.
  2. Answers are meant to pull students away from the correct answer choice. Answer choices in some sections are designed as “distractors.” These are answers that look right because they remind you of something that was said in the passage or the question stem or because they remind you of something you know from outside knowledge. To “beat the test,” students must come up with their own answers first, but many rebel against this because it does require hard work at first.

So whether you are taking a test prep class or studying on your own, be sure to try new strategies and then give them enough time to really learn and be comfortable with them during practice sessions. Remember, just as a toddler learns to walk slowly in order to run, a new test taker must learn new strategies slowly in order to be comfortable with them rather than charging ahead and blindly applying the same old techniques.

Register for the ACT – September ACT

Testing Sign

Register for the September ACT today!

The September ACT is coming up faster than many students want to think about this summer, and if you are planning to register for the ACT, make sure you do so on time. Also, take time to read the new guidelines regarding ACT photo ID and do not get caught not being able to submit a photo at the last minute.

Test Date Regular Registration Late Registration    (Additional Fee)
September 8, 2012  August 17, 2012 August 24, 2012

If you plan to take the September ACT, be sure to click here to register for the ACT today.

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