October ACT Registration – Final Day of Late Registration

If you plan to take the October ACT but have not yet registered, this is your last chance. Late registration ends today. Do not forget there is an additional fee for late registration and that the ACT now requires a photo to be submitted upon registration for security purposes.

The next ACT will be held December 8, 2012. ACT Registration for that test ends November 2nd and late registration ends November 16th.

Register here for the October ACT.

ACT Registration – September ACT

Testing Sign

If you are planning to take the September ACT and missed the regular ACT registration date, this is your last chance. The ACT late registration ends tomorrow, August 24, 2012. While there will be additional fees involved in late registration, taking the test before becoming bogged down in the increasingly demanding school work the next months will bring, may be worth the cost.

Also, take time to read the new guidelines regarding ACT photo ID and do not get caught not being able to submit a photo at the last minute.

Test Date Regular Registration Late Registration (Additional Fee)
September 8, 2012 August 17, 2012 August 24, 2012

If you plan to take the September ACT, be sure to click here to register for the ACT today. If you are interested in a different ACT date, click here.

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What You Need to Know About the New ACT Registration: Photo ID

A 1970s head and shoulders photo

The ACT introduces new test security. A photo ID taken at the time of registration and submitted to the ACT is necessary. This one may be too dated!

In a world where test security and authentic scores are of utmost importance, students should welcome changes brought to the ACT registration, but there are several things they should know.

First, ACT registration now requires students to have a photo ID printed as part of their admission ticket. Photos should be a head and shoulders shot taken at the time of registration and can be submitted to the ACT website, via smart phone, or mailed in. Students without this admission ticket and another form of photo ID will not be admitted to the testing site.

In addition to being printed on the admission ticket, the ACT will print photo on both the examinee roster and on the actual score report which is sent to the student’s high school. This will help those administering the test as well as those familiar with the student to identify the student. Test staff may also check the ID throughout the test.

These changes will also affect those hoping to take the test on a standby basis and those hoping to change testing sites at the last minute. Because of needing an ACT photo ID on the admissions ticket that matches the examinee roster, students must look into standby and change of location procedures in advance.

For a more complete explanation of test security and other changes, see the ACT website article Upcoming ACT Test Security and Identification Enhancements.

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