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October ACT Registration – Final Day of Late Registration

If you plan to take the October ACT but have not yet registered, this is your last chance. Late registration ends today. Do not forget there is an additional fee for late registration and that the ACT now requires a photo to be submitted upon registration for security purposes. The next ACT will be held December…

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ACT Registration – September ACT

If you are planning to take the September ACT and missed the regular ACT registration date, this is your last chance. The ACT late registration ends tomorrow, August 24, 2012. While there will be additional fees involved in late registration, taking the test before becoming bogged down in the increasingly demanding school work the next…

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What You Need to Know About the New ACT Registration: Photo ID

In a world where test security and authentic scores are of utmost importance, students should welcome changes brought to the ACT registration, but there are several things they should know. First, ACT registration now requires students to have a photo ID printed as part of their admission ticket. Photos should be a head and shoulders…

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