PSAT Prep – 6 Tips to Improve Your Score the Night Before the Test

Less than 24 Before the PSAT – 6 Tips to Improve Your Score

  1. Be organized. Get all your materials together a few nights before the big test. Do not try to get the things you need for the PSAT that morning. Include some high energy snacks.
  2. Get a good night’s sleep. In the days before the test, changing sleep patterns is probably not a good idea. Go to bed at your regular bedtime, but limit distractions so you fall asleep quickly.
  3. Arrive early. Nothing can hurt your score more than being overly stressed at the start of the test. Leave plenty of time so if there is an unexpected delay (for example, a tree falls across the road) you can take an alternate route and still be on time.
  4. Dress appropriately and in layers. It is important to dress comfortably so that you are not adjusting your clothing or self-conscious. Wear your “power suit” – something that you feel confident in without being conspicuous. Also bring layers in case you are near a window and chilly or a heating vent and hot or if the room’s temperature tends to fluctuate.
  5. Do a few practice problems before the test. Arrive early and sit by yourself in the hallway. Review a few simple problems as a warm up. This is not the time to learn new concepts. It is a time to warm up for the big game!
  6. Breathe Deeply and Have Confidence! 
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